How do I prepare my classes?

  • Steppin Out Times: Prior to the concert, all students will receive a Steppin’ Out Times, a newspaper-style learning resource with activities and information about attending an orchestra concert.

  • 2017 Steppin' Out Teachers Guide: All teachers receive a teacher guide with logistical information, general information about what happens at an orchestra concert, suggestions for audience etiquette, and classroom activities that will prepare students for the music of this year’s concert. Activities connect with 4th and 5th grade Common Core language arts standards and the Core Arts Standards.

  • Practice singing: Teachers will also receive a CD with the music that students will hear at the concert. Students should practice singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before they come so they can participate in singing the national anthem at the start of the concert.

Audience Etiquette
(When to Clap)

When the concert master appears: Some of the musicians will already be onstage as you arrive, but the entrance of the Concert Master is your cue that the concert is about to begin. The concert master is the first chair violinist; he or she will tune the orchestra before the conductor enters.

When the conductor enters: The conductor is the leader of the orchestra. Maestro Peter Jaffe is the conductor of the Stockton Symphony.

When the music stops: Sometimes there are short silences between the parts of a piece which do not warrant applause. When the conductor drops his arms and turns around, then you know the music is complete. When the conductor walks off stage, you can keep clapping and he will come back for a curtain call. This lets the musicians know that you really liked the concert.

Julia from Ansel Adams Elementary drew this picture last year of the bright lights onstage when the conductor entered for the Steppin' Out Concert.

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