Maestro Peter Jaffe welcomes your
school to the Stockton Symphony!

What is Steppin' Out?

Steppin’ Out is the Stockton Symphony’s annual bus-in education concert series, targeted mainly for 4th and 5th graders. This year marks the 19th anniversary of Steppin’ Out. What began as a single concert eighteen years ago has expanded to a three-day series of back-to-back concerts, reaching over 6,000 students in San Joaquin County every year.

Why should I bring my classes?

  • Providing a Well-Rounded Education: The benefits of involvement in music are well documented, and according to a 2003 Gallup survey, 95% of Americans believe that music is a key component of a well-rounded education. Steppin’ Out is the Stockton Symphony’s way of inspiring more young people to make music a part of their lives. 

  • Classical Music Exposure: A Steppin’ Out education concert is often the first orchestral concert that a child in San Joaquin County will attend. Recent survey results revealed that 85% of students who attended Steppin’ Out had never heard a live orchestra before.

  • Inspiration to Begin Music Studies: Steppin’ Out concerts are designed for students at that critical age when many will choose whether or not to learn an instrument in school. Of the students surveyed who did not already play an instrument, 62% said the concert inspired them to learn one.\

What kind of music will we hear?

  • Patriotic Song: Steppin’ Out concerts include a patriotic song at the beginning of the concert inviting all in attendance to sing along.

  • Traditional Orchestra Music: Steppin’ Out includes traditional orchestral music in manageable, kid-friendly lengths. Students are engaged not only by the music, but by the informative and entertaining commentary by Maestro Peter Jaffe. He always includes interactive audience activities during the program.

  • Special Feature: This year’s concert features music that was written to accompany a play, also called “incidental music.” Hearing these selections from Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, based on Shakespeare’s famous play, provides an opportunity to explore the wide range of emotions that music can create in the listener.

The  Program

Click the title to hear a recording of the piece

  1. America the Beautiful

Selections from Felix Mendelssohn’s
A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

     2.  Overture
     3.  Scherzo
     4.  Intermezzo
     5.  Nocturne
     6.  Wedding March

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